Our Business Description

Ket Civils is a civil engineering and construction company. The Company executes projects for a number of private clients, parastatals and government departments. Our operations consists of the Civils divisions, Small building Division and Corporate Administration Services. The Civils divisions include, Ket Civils Coastal (KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape) and Ket Civils inland-Central (Free State, Northern Cape and North West). The Civils divisions provide civil engineering solutions to our customers. 2017 will see Ket Specialist Contractors division includes which will include Ket Civils Conform, Ket Civils Piling and Geotechnical, and Ket Civils Buildings. The Specialist Contractors division will includes various construction companies, which will be seen as value-add to the main civil business of Ket Civils. The Corporate Services unit provides directs financial management and corporate and finance activities to the Company. As from August 2010, Ket Civils formed Strategic Partnership with Mapitsi Civils (8CEPE – 6GBPE) to assist in tackling Complex Water Project and Part of its roads Construction and surfacing division to Nucon Civils (8CEPE).




National Development Plan 2030
The National Development Plan (NDP) offers a long-term perspective. It defines a desired destination and identifies the role different sectors of society has to Play. The NDP aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030. According to the plan, South Africa can realize these goals by drawing on the energies of its people, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, enhancing the capacity of the state, and promoting leadership and business partnerships throughout society.  With Our national footprint in Six Provinces, Ket Civils is well placed to benefit from infrastructure developments over the next ten to twenty years.  For the company to take full advantage of these developments, we focus on Infrastructure Development meant to improve the Lives of our People (Water Supply and Water Conservation, Roads Construction and Road Rehabilitation and Bridge Construction and Repairs).



Where there is no Vision People Perish

To establish reliable trusted Professional Construction Company managed by Young Civil Engineering Experts.



Strives for Professionalism and improves the way infrastructure development projects are being undertaken
Our mission is guided by principle of Ubuntu and vision for sustainable livelihood.  We are focused on the technical infrastructure development and operational issues that our community faces daily and respond to opportunities the industry present.  As a dynamic and innovative Construction Company our vision and mission is realized through us providing strategic support to Our Staff through Constant Academically Improvement with the intention of contributing significantly to an individual transformation and improvement of one’s operational capacity.
Ket Civils invests efforts and resources strategically and deliberately: promoting the empowerment of small and micro enterprises thereof improving their capability and capacity: indirectly contributing to the growth of the economy.


Our Philosophy

At Ket Civils we create the perfect environment to interact successfully with our client targets. The main goal of our company is for our clients to have a relationship and loyalty building experience with our brand. Whether it is a straight forward construction contract or sub-letted works through a joint venture arrangement, Ket Civils is dedicated to its distinction.
We are committed to excellence in the full range of providing services and executing them with the emphasis on professional integrity and successfully manage all points of encounter between our clients and their stakeholder groups, in order to attain set business objectives while building long lasting relationships with our clients.



Our Motto

We have the skill, dedication and the in-house resources to make it happen. Our attention to detail is renowned and is evident across every aspect of our work.



Industry partnerships

Ket Civils Involvement in consortia or joint ventures for work on larger national flagship projects such as National and Provincial Road extension projects, bulk water Supply and proposed Sanitation Projects (Purification Plants) increases the company’s turnover.



Regional focus

Ket Civils will continue to focus on projects within its regions of operation in the medium term. Our relationships in the public and private sector continues to contribute to the company’s turnover and profitability.